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This is the tumblr associated with Beyond Victoriana, the oldest-running blog about multicultural steampunk and retro-futurism--that is, steampunk outside of a Western-dominant, Eurocentric framework. All of the steampunkery here focuses on non-Western cultures, underrepresented minorities in Western histories (Asian / Pacific Islander, Middle Eastern, First Nation, Hispanic, black / African & other marginalized identities), and the cultural intersection between the West and the non-West.

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Thanks to everyone who attended the Ladies Who Steam panel at NYCC this weekend! We had a packed room, and our speakers were really incredible. ^^

You can check out more images from this event on the FB page here:

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    Love these outfits. Wish I could have gone to this event, but it’s too far away.
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    This was my favorite panel BY FAR and now I really want to read all the steampunk. (LOL also just looked at the audience...
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    Such a great panel. Plus I can actually see myself in the Audience! :) I’m in the middle towards the back with the red...
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    Great job with the panels, you guys! It was really interesting, even to someone like me who doesn’t know much about...
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