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Geronimo riding a Locomobile Model C.

From the Serviside blog:
This photo has been around for a long time, but the car has always been identified as a Cadillac. It wasn’t until the picture appeared on the last page of the April, 2004 issue of American History magazine that reader Ivan L. Pfalser provided the information that the picture was “…taken on June 11, 1905, at the Miller brothers’ 101 Ranch, located southwest of Ponca City, Oklahoma.” He further noted that “…the Indian in full headdress to Geronimo’s left is Edward Le Clair Sr., a Ponca Indian.” He correctly identified the car as a Locomobile, rather than a Cadillac as it had previously been misidentified (you can read the whole letter at the link above). In fact, so widespread was the incorrectly tagged picture, that Michael Martin Murphey (he of the 1975 hit song Wildfire fame), named his 1972 debut album and title track Geronimo‚Äôs Cadillac after the picture and its erroneous caption. The song supposedly later became an unofficial anthem for the 1970s American Indian Movement.

More information about this photograph is here

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