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When watching a work of science fiction on the big or small screen, people of color often find themselves asking:

"Where did we go?"

"Did some melanin-devouring plague attack all humanity?"

"Do zombies only like the dark meat?”

But that’s Hollywood. While studio executives continue to show the world’s multi-hued population through its monochromatic lens, the literary field of speculative fiction has become more diverse than ever. Whether it’s horror, science fiction, or fantasy, steampunk or steamfunk (and let’s not forget sword and soul), writers of color are producing quality works and accumulating accolades and awards every day.

Author Bill Campbell (Koontown Killing Kaper, Sunshine Patriots), poet/journalist Edward Austin Hall (the forthcoming Chimera Island), and artist Professor John Jennings (Black Comix, Black KirbyProject)have assembled 40 extraordinarily talented writers who represent just a part of the changing face of speculative fiction.

Mothership: Tales from Afrofuturism is the dynamic, genre-expanding end result.

Please help support these amazingly talented Mothership writers by donating today.

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