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Race and the Changing Face of Geekdom

PCMag did a nice write-up of the Geeks of Color Assemble: Minorities in Fandom panel that I moderated at New York Comic Con. That was one of the high points of my weekend, and I’m glad that the reporter covered this!

The stereotypical geek is a scrawny white guy, but five minutes at New York Comic Con will quickly dash that notion. The show floor is packed with an incredible mix of colors, gender identities, sizes, and languages, but the perception persists within the fandom and amongst the creators of geek media.

Minorities In Fandom panel at NYCC this weekend discussed these issues and the challenges facing people of color in geek culture, one of only a few panels at NYCC to touch on diversity in politics of cosplaying, but first and foremost was a discussion on the visibility of people of color in geek media.

Photo Credit: Patrick Austin of PC Magazine

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